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Our most valuable asset is our Faculty. Our graduates expect excellence during their educational experience, both in the classroom and laboratory. We hand-pick our potential faculty based on character, experience and skills. If you believe you have what it takes to be part of the nation's most innovative training facility, submit a request to become part of our team.

How To Become Faculty

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We take great pride in providing quality educational program to our graduates. Evidenced-based curriculum matched with high-quality instructors results in quality outcomes. For Law Enforcement graduates, this may mean saving their own life or their partner. For military members, the quality of training is literally life or death. And certainly for healthcare providers, educational training and skills directly affects patients lives.

Through a rigorous vetting process, we ensure our faculty are world-class and well rounded both in content, character and ability. Become one of the elite team members dedicated to changing and saving lives.

Steps To Becoming Faculty

1) Complete the registration form on the left "REGISTER TO BECOME A TEACHER"

2) Submit your CV and 2 references regarding ability, character and teaching experience to

3) Complete the online learning modules on the "Start with Courses" tab. (Minimum Score: 80%)

4) Choose a course to teach for initial evaluation by our Senior Faculty Team.

Instructor Training Courses

1. Start by clicking Courses and choosing "Instructor Courses" under Categories and complete all modules.
2. Minimum Passing score of 80% is required.
3. Courses may be attempted unlimited times.